Everything You Never Knew About Dental Implants

Losing your teeth is a painful and embarrassing experience, but it doesn’t have to define your life! Replacing teeth is easier than it has ever been before thanks to the development of permanent dental implants. You can skip the dentures, bridges, and veneers to replace missing teeth and their roots and create a beautiful, natural smile that lasts your lifetime. Before you approach your dentist st. petersburg about this restorative option, here are the facts you should know.

Dental Implants Are Titanium Posts with Attached Crowns

Dental implants are actually titanium posts that are carefully inserted into the bone where your tooth used to be, similar to st. petersburg dentures. Titanium is a durable, versatile, and safe material that fuses with the jawbone over the course of a few months. Each titanium post forms the “root” of a missing tooth, and after the gum has fully healed from the implants, impressions can be made to design the crowns that will be attached to the implants to make the visible portion of your teeth. These crowns are so realistic and natural-looking that nobody will realize they aren’t your real, original teeth.  

Dental Implants Protect Healthy Bone

Most people only think of implants as being valuable for recreating an attractive smile, but the truth is that they serve the equally important purpose of preserving and protecting your jawbone health. Since teeth and their roots act as supports for the jawbone, the bone tends to deteriorate and lose its strength and firmness once teeth fall out or are extracted. Without regular tooth-to-tooth contact to stimulate bone growth, the jawbone will weaken and wear away. Implants restore the stimulation that the jawbone needs to trigger continual bone growth and prevent future bone loss.

Dental Implants Are Built to Last

After spending the time, money, and effort to repair and enhance your mouth, you deserve results that last. This is why implants are such a great choice for full mouth rehabilitation. Implants can last a lifetime when they are properly placed, protected, and cleaned. They help retain the natural shape of the face and smile, make it easier to speak and chew, and look completely natural, so it is a huge victory to know that they can last indefinitely without any need for further surgery.

Receiving dental implants st petersburg is a serious matter that shouldn’t be trusted to any basic dentist. You deserve to have your implants inserted and perfected by an experienced dental team that utilizes cutting-edge 3D imaging and planning technology to create your radiant new smile. Living with Trinity dental implants enables you to chew, talk, smile, laugh, and live your life without any hesitation.