Three Anti-Aging Techniques to Help You Start Summer Feeling Fresh

Summer is just around the corner, but is your skin ready for it? Summer is a time of sunshine, tank tops, bathing suits, and flip flops. If you are feeling self-conscious or nervous about revealing more of your body during Florida’s hottest time of year, the following three natural treatments will help you look and feel your best as recommended by Dr. Hermann, a tampa medical spa doctor who treats women year round.


detnoxEven when you can’t feel it, your body is constantly fighting and filtering toxins that enter your body through air, food, and water. These toxins are supposed to be continually filtered out through your liver and kidneys, but sometimes the organs become overloaded and allow toxins to accumulate in your blood. When this happens, you’ll begin to feel the side effects of lethargy, skin conditions, digestive discomfort, chronic pain, weight gain, and more.

Detoxification is a surprising yet effective anti-aging treatment because it brings your body back into balance. When your body is no longer burdened by the “gunk” responsible for slowing your system, clogging your pores, and tainting your blood, you can finally shed those last five pounds, clear your skin, and feel rejuvenated.  

A detoxification system begins by cutting out lifestyle choices, food, and beverages that contain unwanted toxins. We recommend stopping use of Tampa botox to reduce negative outcomes. Replace them with a great deal of water and whole food nutrients to give your body appropriate nourishment. A detox kit further stimulates the liver to drive toxins out of the body and triggers the intestines, kidneys, and skin to also eliminate toxins efficiently. As your body detoxes and rids itself of so much gunk, your many unpleasant side effects will disappear.

IV Nutrition

IV nutrition therapy is a popular tool used to overcome nutritional deficiencies by placing strategically selected nutrients directly into the bloodstream. This helps the body overcome side effects of deficiencies and thrive with optimal health. Acne, rosacea, rashes, and dull skin tone are all symptoms of nutritional deficiencies that can be reversed with IV nutrition.

There are a number of IV blends that you can use to improve your health and thus battle signs of aging. The Myers’ Cocktail, for example, includes magnesium, B vitamins, and vitamin C. Other options include Glutathione injections to fight free radicals and protect cells and B12 injections to kickstart many of the body’s important functions.

PRP Skin Rejuvenation

PRP and juvederm tampa are regenerative medicine tools that naturally heals and enhances your skin health. It is simply an injection of your very own blood that is processed to have concentrated levels of platelets (PRP). Over a three-month period, PRP helps the skin regenerate to look youthful, healthy, and vibrant.

When Does Premises Liability Matter?

The average citizen may not consider premises liability in his day to day routine, yet it is a legal concept that has the potential to impact businesses, customers, property owners, visitors, and countless others. Premises liability become an issue in personal injury cases where a injury was caused by some type of defective, unsafe, or negligent condition on someone’s personal or business property. If you own a business, invite friends to swim in your backyard pool, or are a visitor or customer on another florida property damage lawyer, then premises liability matters to you!

What Is Premises Liability?

Premises liability is based upon the general concept that property owners have a responsibility to make sure their properties are safe for visitors. This applies to homeowners, small business owners, and large commercial spaces like grocery stores and restaurants. If a visitor to a home or business becomes injured due to the owner’s negligence or oversight, premises liability laws come into play.

Some of the most common premises liability situations stem from slip and fall cases, snow and ice accidents, inadequate maintenance of the premises, elevator accidents, fires, and ineffective building security. Speak with a sarasota personal injury attorney before you decide your next step.

What Is the Property Owner’s Duty of Care?
In Florida premises liability cases, not all people visiting a property are treated with the same legal expectations. Trespassers are viewed differently than invited guests. Trespassers upon Florida land do not receive the same level of civil liability protection. A trespasser is anyone who was not supposed to be on the property at the time of injury. An invited guest, on the other hand, is invited to enter the property as a public or business invitation, which means that he has full permission to be on the property.

According to Florida law, a property or business owner is legally bound to provide the highest duty of protection and care of invited guests says Paul Catania, a Bradenton personal injury attorney in Florida. This involves maintaining the premises in reasonably safe conditions, warning invitees of any potential dangers, and working to correct the dangers as quickly as possible. Trespassers and licensees, however, do not receive that high level of legal protection because they were not explicitly invited onto the property.

How to Handle Your Own Premises Liability

If you slip and fall on a wet patch on a convenience store floor, trip on a broken sidewalk, or suffer any other type of personal injury on someone else’s property, you can pursue financial compensation for your medical bills, pain, and suffering by enlisting the help of a premises liability attorney. He can help you secure the compensation you deserve.